Why should you visit my blog?


Are you a part of the blogging challenge? I am. This is my post for Blogging Challenge 1. Because I did it last year, I am doing the veteran challenge.

I am Science Girl Em. You should visit my blog because you can learn about what I do. What it’s like to live here in Kansas, USA. I write a lot about science. And sports. Please comment here and I will visit your blog and leave you comments too.

8 thoughts on “Why should you visit my blog?

  1. Well done, Emily! I notice you love lots of science activities and I am sure many of the other students would also like to visit here to read about them.

    You also know how to leave a trackback correctly by hyperlinking in your post.

    We do have another 8 year old student taking part in the challenge so make sure you check out the page labelled ‘March 2010 students’.

  2. Hey science girl em, I am ella your aponent. I f you dont remember me actually you commented on my blog. anyway I think you wrote a good reason for why people should come to your blog exept maybe you could be more descriptive or clear.

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  4. Love the blog Science Girl. I am a science teacher and really like your idea of writing about science. I’m looking forward to visiting your site each week to see what you have written. 🙂

  5. Emily, I am so impressed with your blog! I cannot believe you are only 8. That is amazing, keep up the good work. Also, feel free to visit and comment on my blog.

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