Positive Digital Footprint

Blog Challenge 7. What is included in having a positive digital footprint?

When should you start using your proper name and photo of yourself rather than an avatar?

When ever your parents tell you it’s ok.

Who is responsible for showing you how to be Internet savvy?

I think parents. [ my dad is a technology professor]

What information do you include on profiles when you register at a website?

I’m too young to do that by myself so I let my dad help me.

Write a post about your own digital footprint.  Give examples of where you can be found on the web.

Of course this blog is about me. And my new YouTube channel is about me.

My dad found a teaching website that has a post about me called A Great Reading Video. That’s about it.

9 thoughts on “Positive Digital Footprint

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  2. Hi there Science Girl,
    My name is Hannah. I like your blog, are you really in threed grade? I am in grade seven What country are you from? I am from Canada!Please reply!
    ~Hannah(Girls Rule)

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  5. I love the way you put safety tips in your blog it can really help kids who just started blogging.

  6. I learned a lot from your post about internet safety. From now on I will always be safe on the internet. Please come check out my blog at lmsblogs.org/joey and see if I am safe.

  7. I really thing that your blog is awesome. Expecially the two things on the left side where you can play with the monkey and feed the fishes. It really perks up your blog and makes it more fun to be on and make comments about it!!!

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