Happy Summer

I am back! So at my last day of 4th grade, it was pretty much a day of fun! We had a paper airplane contest. One contest was ” hang time “. Hang time is when you try to fly your plane to stay in the air as long as possible. Contest tow in when you try to fly your plane farthest. I had fun but no I did not win. My friends Gavin and Adria won!  Adria won hang time and Gavin won farthest flight. I thought  it  was a ton of fun!

Next my class walked down to the park. My friends and I played tag, and a battle ship game. My friend Payton, a few other people and I span on the merry-go-round until we got head aches. … The park was also fun and tiring.

We walked back to the classroom and we had our Last Day Of School Party. We first played a game called toilet tag when you have taggers, if they tag you, you have to kneel down and stick your hand out. To get back in, the people still in the game have to fake sit on your knee or sit on your knee, and push your hand down and say whoosh, like your flushing the toilet. Pretty fun! Some people got tired of that game so we then played sharks and minnoes. When you have sharks and then you try to run to the other pole without being tagged by a shark and you just keep on going and going. I like that game!

It was a half day so we got home early. I will miss you Mrs. Schurle!!

Science Girl Em

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