Shrinking Chip bag?!?

Looking at More science videos! This time I found this really cool experiment. I never thought of a chip bag being shrunk… that is why I thought it was so cool! When I saw the bag being like stung and shocked I thought it was awesome! Did you know that would happen? … Cool right? 😉    Bye! Science Girl Em

Float or Sink Soda Cans

Hey Visitors,

Looking threw more science videos ( BORED again… ). So anyway I have seen one before but I never thought about putting the video on my blog though.  Well I thought that EVERY can of pop would sink… and maybe a diet pop would be a little different than a regular soda. This really does not have anything to do with the video except for they are using soda cans … Well I think that Dr. Pepper is the tastiest  pop! 😉  Here is the question ” Before you saw the video did you know if some cans would sink or float? ( What did you think of it? )     Bye! Emily/ Science Girl Em

Walking on eggs!!

Hi guys,

Ok so I was watching some more science videos, and I found this one. Now I have always wanted to do this and see what would happen BUT you know how moms are about these kind of things! 😉 Well anyways I never thought you could walk on eggs or squeeze an egg with out it or only a few breaking! I was amazed that you could do this + a mom doing it WOW! I think this is a really awesome trick! Myself I would think that the egg whites & yolk would feel good on your feet. Well if you did it just right you would not even get to feel it!   Have any of you guys tried this or have seen it be done before?      See you  next time!   Emily/Sciencegirlem

My Ocean Ecosystem

A while ago my class made our own ecosystems. I made my ecosystem in the theme of an ocean.









So this is the food chain of my ecosystem:


The Sun starts out EVERY food chain.

The Sun gives energy to the plankton.  ( The sun also gives energy to all organisms )

The Shrimp/Krill eat the plankton.

The Squid eats the Krill. The Clown Fish also eat the Krill.

The Dolphin ( The king of the ecosystem IN THIS EXAMPLE ) eats the squid and other small fish.         ( As you can see I did not put the fish in the ecosystem )            That is the food chain.

Nothing eats the Clown Fish or The Sea Anemone.  Like I said the Clown Fish eats Krill and will eat other small fish. Oh, and the Sea Anemone LOOKS like a plant but is really an animal… what it does to get it’s food is….  When fish go into the Anemone, the Anemone stings the fish and eats it.


Well… I hope you liked the ecosystem I made!!   Please leave a comment saying what you thought of it!!!    Bye!    Emily/ SGE 😀


At Do you look up in the sky? Sometimes when you look up at night you think it is a star but not all the time. maybe it’s a planet, airplane or satilight. When you see something shiny it’s probably Mars!  Mars is fourth planet from the sun you might think it’s hot but it has cooled of the time! People call it the red planet.  In the solar system Mars is next to earth.  Scientists thinks think we can send people to Mars but we haven’t yet.  Mars has in North and the South Pole just like earth.  Since  is all of the time, if they sent an astronaut not they would dress up warmly.  What do you think Mars looks like?  And would you like to live on Mars?  Bye SGE/sciencegirlem

Albert Einstein

ipodAlbert This is a picture of Albert Einstein listening to a ipod. My dad showed me it. I asked him if I could put it my blog. So that is why it is on hear. Do you like it? I think its funny. + its science. I don’t now what to say about it. But I’m very interesed about Albert Einstein. I did a biography on him last year. P.S  he was married 3 times if you did not know. BYE!!!  :-0

Science Videos

Hey, it’s me Emily. Do you watch science videos on the computer or on TV?I do!! It helps me a lot with my science. I watch Beakmens world and Bill Nye the science guy… If you do what do you watch?Or have you watched the ones I watch? Well you can watch ether Bill Nye the science guy or Beakmeens world or both down below. BYE!! 🙂     -Sciencegirlem