My Broken Skate Board

Something very sad happened to me yesterday. My skateboard got ran over. ūüôĀ

I rode that A LOT! Every day. And It was finally getting broke in and easier to ride. But then it happened.

I went outside because it was raining and I did not want it to be rusty but I ran outside and it was ripped and broken.

Here is a picture of it    I will also show you a video of me using it. Just to remember the good old times.

Animal Crossing/ Want to Play?

Hi viewers!  

As you can see by the title, I have been playing Animal Crossing. I have wrote a post on it before, but I wanted to tell you about it today since that other post was a long while back! So If you have never heard of it I will tell you what it is and what you can do.

Animal Crossing is a very fun game ( video game for wii and DS ) . Once you first start, you meet Tom Nook ( he has his own store).  He will have you work for him for a little bit. After you retire working for him you can do your own things like catch bugs, fish, go to Tom Nooks and buy things. You can go to different places like The City and other towns that people live in ( I will tell you about later in this post ).  You can do many things in the city. You can Get a hair cut or make over, buy clothes or things for your house, check out the model room of the month, meet new animals, and lots more! It is kinda like really life you have to make money, and take care of your self. I like to send mail to the people who live in my town.

Now I will talk to you about inviting friends over to your town. I love going to peoples towns or I like them to come to my town. You have to have their friend code, then open your gate so that they can come into your town. I was just playing with a friend on Animal Crossing. Her name is Sophie. I have a picture of her and me. 

I would like to know if you have the game. I have Animal Crossing for wii not for DS. I used to have it for DS but I have seemed to misplace it. Anyways if you have Animal Crossing for Wii Please tell me if you would like to play sometime. I would LOVE to play with you.

Sciencegirlem ( Aka Emily )


What it’s like Where I live

This post is for Ms. W’s Blogging challenge 2. For the blogging challenge this week is ” About your place “, ¬†so that is what I am going to tell you about today. I live in the U.S in the state of Kansas. There is NOT very big cities in Kansas. I live in a small town. We have a festival in our town, it is called The Watermelon Festival. This is a little bit about what its like and how it started. It began when watermelons grew on the sandy river bottom ( there is a river near by our town ). Lots of people come to our town on Labor Day, that is when our festival is. We do all different kinds of things. We have a parade, BBQ’s,¬†demolition derby, games, contests, and my favorite part is you get to have all the watermelon you want at the end of the day! A long time ago maybe when I was in 1st grade I got to go in a float with my brother Thomas and my dad. I have a picture of it ( the pic. with a red lawn mower and dad driving and me a Thomas in the back. ) ¬† ¬† and a few others. ¬†Here is a contest, you grow watermelons and the person who grows the largest wins! I also have a picture of the float for the largest watermelon.

Now remember these pictures were 2009. Anyways, During the parade people walk and give out different things, like candy, Balloons stuffed animals! All kinds of different things. In 2011 I won this contest, I will tell you a bout it. Everybody wears the same t-shirt to the watermelon festival, You get a chance to draw a picture to put on the t-shirt, send it in and see if you won. Well this year I did!!

My dad had won before too. Now let’s get back to the post ” What it’s like where I live ” .Like I said It’s very small and quite. Just the way I like it. I would rather live in a small town other then a big noisy town. What would you rather live in? During the summer I love to go to the pool and play baseball. During the Winter I play in the snow ( That is if we get any ). I play basketball too. It get’s VERY hot in the summer and PRETTY cold in the winter. I don’t have much more to say about where I live so BYE! ¬† Sciencegirlem aka Emily ūüėÄ

 Watermelon Festival, an annual event for over 110 years, began when watermelons were a choice crop on sandy, river bottom land and could be easily shipped out by rail. Hundreds of people gather every Labor Day weekend for the festival parade, BBQs, demolition derby, dances, contests, games, and socializing.
 Watermelon Festival, an annual event for over 110 years, began when watermelons were a choice crop on sandy, river bottom land and could be easily shipped out by rail. Hundreds of people gather every Labor Day weekend for the festival parade, BBQs, demolition derby, dances, contests, games, and socializing.

Science Songs

My dad found these songs. I hope you like them. After you watch them tell me what you thought about them or learned. Here you go…

Do you like? Did you learn anything?

Bye! ¬† ¬†Emily aka Sciencegirlem ūüėÄ

Bubble inside of a Bubble!


Alright so I knew I needed to post more science videos, and you know I like that Steve Spangler so I found another one of his videos. So all of you have blown a bubble right? Well Steve can make a bubble inside of a bigger bubble! I thought you guys would like this video. Here you go…

Did you like it? … I knew you would! I thought it was really cool! I’ll see you next time! Bye!!

Science Girl Em aka Emily ūüôā

Fun day in Manhattan


Today I went to Manhattan. Well I got signed up for baseball! ¬† ūüėÄ Then we went to my dad’s friends house. They had my dream backyard! They had kind of a little woods in the back and they had made trails in the woods. My dad’s friend, his sons, my dad, Thomas and I went on the trails. One of the trails led to a fire pit also, on one of the trails had logs on the trail and had really big mushrooms on it. My dad even took a picture of me and the mushrooms. I saw roller blades. Now I have never rode blades only normal skates. I put them on my feet and started riding. I was better than I thought I was going to be. Later, we went to the zoo for a little bit. I was cool animals like a Cheetah and a Bald Eagle. It would have been awesome to see the Cheettah running! I will show you a pictures I took too. Now after that we went to a Kansas State baseball game!!! We only got to stay a few innings but I had a great time! We got one of the best seats too. Right behind home plate! When I heard that POP of when the ball hits the glove! My eyes got real big. When I heard one of my favorite sounds in the whole world, the loud CLING of when the batter hits the ball in the sweet spot I was really amazed! If I was that amazed by a collage baseball game I can’t even imagine what it would be like at a Major League game ( Kansas City )!! I had a great time today! ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†

What did you do? Or do you have plans? … Tell me! ¬† ¬†Bye! ¬†Sciencegirlem aka Emily

Marcel the shell with shoes on 2

Hi again, Today I noticed that their is a Marcel the shell 2! The video was actually made November 14, 2011 but I saw it today so I decited to show it to you today. I will also show number 1 too. The only reason I am showing 1 is because, I showed number 1 a long time ago and just in case if you don’t want to keep on pressing Previous Pages to find the video.¬† The first video is Marcel the shell 1, the 2nd video Is number 2.¬† Enjoy…

Bye.   Emiy aka Sciencegirlem

Fred Time!

Who likes Fred? I do!! So here is one of my favorite videos of his. It’s called ” Fred get’s a haircut ” Did you know that he now has his own show? HE DOES… check it out! Enjoy …

Tell me what you thought of this video. Bye! Emily aka Sciencegirlem

The Time my dad lost his Car

Hi! Well this happend a few years ago. So for an assignment at school we were supposed to write a story about a time of our lives and I chose this story I hope you enjoy.



One morning, I got up to play outside. When I was shooting baskets I noticed the car was gone. I ran inside and told my dad what I saw… ” WHAT! ” ¬†The car is gone! Mom and dad looked out the window, and then dad ran outside. While dad was thinking of what could have happened, mom called 911 . The police showed up at my house. ” What’s the problem? ” He asked. ” Somebody stole my car! ” Dad explained in a panic. The police started asking¬†questions¬†and ¬†looking for footprints, I was inside ( mom did not really want me outside at the time ) so did not really know what they were talking about.

Later my mom told me to go to the post office to get my family’s mail. On the way there I spotted the car at the library. I parked my bike on the sidewalk and looked in the car to see if it was my dads. With all the trash in it I knew it was my dads! I rode home as fast as I could! I yelled to my mom and dad ” I FOUND THE CAR!!! ” Then my dad said something like ¬†” Enough with your foolishness! ” I yelled back … ” NO!! I did really find your car! ” ¬†So my dad Finally went down town to the library to see if his child was right. When he looked in the car , he knew it was his. he came back to the house and told the family and police , ” I must have forgot the car at the library. ” Because, last night I came home to the library to see my family , then got in my wife’s car and drove to another town for supper.

THE END       By Emily aka Sciencegirlem


That was my story! Please comment I really want to know what you think of my story! … See you next time. ¬† Emily aka Sciencegirlem


P.S We sold that car ( The one we lost ) ha ha ¬† ¬†ūüėÄ